|| The Retirement ||

This site will be closed until June 2013 for the final Comeback of this generation.

Ready carefully to understand what is going on.

Hello RPF and the rest of the Army Community.  Most of you already know, but I, Drake/Cewan/Starrk, have retired from the RPF and all CP Armies as of August 2nd, 2012.

For the people that don’t understand what is going on right now or if you are reading this much in the future, I was leading the RPF for roughly 2 weeks and we had grown to a size that CPAC had stated would get us anywhere from 3-4 on the Top 10, but then I had to leave for roughly a week on a basketball trip.  I attempted as best I could to prepare the other high-ranked penguins around me to be able to keep the upward trend of the RPF while I was gone, but it did not work at all.  RPF fell within less than a week do a dismal 14th and all of the high command blaming others for the downfall.

For all of you saying “Drake, your expectations are too high, we got a solid 12-14+ at an event!!!!1! (cool)”, I’d like to clarify two things.  Firstly, that really isn’t impressive at all considering we could get 30 easily a week before, so that being the highlight of the week isn’t saying much at all.  Secondly, it was not the events that dissapointed me, it was the overall attitude of the RPF and the complete reliance on me to come back that I didn’t like.  I thought I had made it clear that I wanted everyone else to step up and take my spot instead of just trying to wait until I got back.  That’s why I announced I wanted to put RPF on hiatus, and wanted to train a high command to be able to lead before I started up RPF once again, but everyone just wanted me to start leading the way I pretty much was for the past 2 weeks, which works, but would make RPF completely collapse once I retire.  I’m confident RPF could have become a Top 5 major threat again if I continued, but I would have had to retire eventually and before long, RPF would be back to square one.  I did not want to continue down that path.

So with everyone telling me shutting down the RPF was a “stupid idea” and telling me to just keep leading the RPF as a “praise the leader” army, where all the new troopers listen to me and me only, I knew I couldn’t continue.  Although it felt bitter, I had to retire on the spot.  I feel regret, but it had to be done.  The circumstances were not right for me to continue, and the vision and plan I had for RPF could not be executed with the circumstances.

People are saying I’ve “abandoned” RPF, but as I stated in the post earlier, I’m not willing to go down the same road I went down my first leadership.  I already experienced it; I’ve been down that very road.  I could not care less about how much I am glorified, I want RPF to hold a solid place in the center of CP Armies.  I want to create a stable dynasty, rather then to experience a short spurt of excellence again.  So I want to get it clear that I did not really want to leave the RPF, but as I said, under the circumstances of the short-minded people around me, I can not continue and I will not be back for a while.  While I know I made the right decision longterm of leaving the RPF now, I cannot stand failure whatsoever.  This may be the last time you’ll hear from me, it may not be.  All in due time.  For those who understand, be patient.

Well, during the time I was retiring on RPF chat, ATM23, my longtime 2nd in Command announced his retirement as well.  With ATM and me gone(for now), the direction of the RPF will change greatly, and I wish you all the best of luck, whoever decides to take it over.  I hope in the future someone with great leadership skills will see my vision of training a high command to be strong and elite and will be able to lead RPF to the success it can hit, and put RPF back into the powerhouse it can become.  Sincere from my heart: good luck, RPF.  It is, and always will be(my last time saying my motto!) Far From Over.

We achieved more last time, hitting solid major status in the 2 months I was leading, but we could have been more successful if I continued what I was doing now, but that temporary “success” is not what I want for the armies I lead now.  I hope you will all eventually see what I’m saying.

I’ll attempt to come back to CP Armies for one last time next summer to put in action my vision that I had for the RPF, whether it will be in the RPF if it is fit or if I start a completely new army, but I will try to be back for one last shot.  So if you want to give it one last shot with me, I might be back then.  It sounds like a long time, but time will fly and before you know it it will be next summer and you will be ready to kick some ass.  Consider it, people who have believed in me.  I am not one to give up.

Logging off for a while,



(Old troopers, remember this song from the first time back in early 2011? Let that be a hint)


P.S. next time I’ll be on if I can get on then will be Christmas Eve and Christmas 2012, so if you want to talk to me again, that will hopefully be the next time I check up.

Attention: Flappy and Dragonninja are going to attempt to start a new RPF, and they will be found at xat.com/the_rpf and therpfrulers.wordpress.com for now.


The minor accomplishments number wise we achieved in the 2 weeks(pre-hacking+current)-

Join comments in the first week- 42 Join Comments

Join comments in combined weeks of first week+my absence- 54 Join Comments

Biggest Chat Size- 45

A few pictures, while not the best, I can get really quickly before I go.

hitting 1000 views on third day:

Goodbye, RPF.  For now.

I will be back Christmas Eve to talk.

18 thoughts on “|| The Retirement ||

  1. Sorry sir for what’s going on. I’ll stick with you to the end, I understand. I’ll be there next summer unless my computer blows up or something.

    -Jojo, Former RPF Colonel, [farfromover]

  2. sad to see drake go he was the best leader rpfs had for a long time and mat and flappy rent gud leaders but ill stay active for the rpf hope you come back to cp armies drake

  3. little late here but this is bad rpf wont see another leader like this…….come back plz before christmas u can do it

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